For a long time I could not understand how do people put up with watching ads in Android apps. Then it dawned upon me: they grew up like this and they never had a proper classic old-school desktop experience. Back in the day it was unimaginable to have intrusive ads. I will never put up with intrusive ads. I despise it

Now even developer tools have ads, like Docker or NPM

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    the same way we put up with ads on tv, the movies, outdoors... it's a pollution
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    well yes, but no.

    I mean does anyone actually watch them? As far as I'm concerned it's not much different from a cooldown timer in a game. When an ad comes up I just mute the volume and put my phone aside to do something else. I find them much more intrusive on youtube, but ad-block exists so there's that, and even without adblock most of them you can skip after 5 seconds. So still better than TV ads (even though just marginally now)
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    @Hazarth even if we ignore then and block them, it's still so fucking pervasive, like we exist only to earn and spend money
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    Wait, does anyone not use adblock?
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    @darksideofyay well that is in essence the view neo-liberal capitalism haves on us ”plebs”.
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    @Hazarth I guess tv ads don't feel intrusive because they come at the same time each day, usually after the first half of that soccer game or maybe after getting halfway through an episode, but YouTube ads goddam.

    You open a video thinking, nice this guy has no ads then after every two minutes, fucking Nord VPN
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    @EpicofGilgamesh luckily youtube ads are a solved problem. Both the ones that break the video and the ones that are embedded.
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    @Hazarth regarding loading screens I raise you duolingo.

    The loading screens of that app take faaar longer than their ads (on my phone)

    So watching a 5 seconds ad with a clear counter after each lesson is actually less annoying than staring at three dots for an undefined amount of time before each lesson
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