i know we're all sick and tired of the covid talk, but...
I'm so, so sedentary right now, more so than two years ago, and that's a feat.
this past week i had to walk a little and do some stuff, and today i woke up a little earlier and spent my afternoon in the sun. and it feels so good, to just... do nothing, sunbathe, pet my cat, kiss my boyfriend.
i never realize how much this shit wears me down until i catch a break. it's not just the pandemic though, it's this career, this lifestyle. sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours straight, no window in sight... that's death, no matter how much of an introverted nerd i may be.
if someone wants advice, I'll tell you to go out, get some fresh air, do nothing at all. we don't need to do something at every minute of the day, that's not resting. find a park, a beach, some piece of nature and just breathe it in, it's worth it.

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    I second this. You don't really see what's around you until you stop, just really stop for a second, and take a break from everything.
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    Yeah, been feeling lethargic these days because the fucking residence management wouldn't let us even walk around the garden but I'm moving next week to a place that feels less like a prison. I love walking outside especially at night or early in the morning when the sun isn't too aggressive.
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    Do you mean we should go outdoors, are you crazy? There's no need to get off your computer to do nothing. Just open some live stream and watch the world go by.
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    No! Code 24/7! Gain experience so you know how to solve problems you’ve seen a million times before while laughing at those who struggle, saying “Hopefully those imbeciles will stay unemployed or live their lives flipping burgers ha ha development is for geniuses like myself” as your arteries clog and you die of a heart attack at 52 lol 🙄
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    That's why I move in a house 50m away from the beach, between the forest and the field. I have to bike to do my groceries (coz' fuck engines), I go to the gym, surf, never have been happier
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    And we become what we do, so... you mean we *are* DETH?

    Cool. I am become DEADBEEF, destroyer of worlds.
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    thanks for the information
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    Read this as if you were writing for the cat for some odd reason. Was a very interesting way to read.
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