"my greatest fear in life is my best not being good enough."
Currently, I am building my second business around blockchain.
I am stacking on using the popularity of cryptocurrency and it's novelty to push the product universal.
My limitation (what I think):
1. My environment - unfortunately I live in a third world country
2. Naivety: I have never scaled a business, failed in my first attempt(this is my second).
3. Lack of fund: my budget is pretty low, and no I dont have a family support to raise any for marekting and promoting the business, so I am let with option of scaling it organically ( what "organically" means is spamming social media, forum's comments section to grow customers
4. Really the only option present: most folks here wont know what it means to be in a state of "survival", failing will cause you suffering.
5. Poor network: My friends, or the people around dont understand, cant comprehen what this means.
1. I get to know what it means to carry your idea to the world again, this I hope will improve my knowledge base on business and make me less naive.
2. Portfolio boost: "wow!" that should be people's reaction when I tell them about the project.
3. If I succed, I hope the incentive will take me out of this shit hole.
4. I really want to get out of this shit hole - this should work!

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