Hey, i am an idiot when it comes to web development and i wanted to kindly ask a question.

I am developing a blazor wasm webapp and i want to give the user some kind of onboarding process. the kind where some parts of the ui are highlighted with explanation on what which button does or area of ui is for.

how do you call something like that? I just need something to google for.

Thank you for your invaluable time and again sorry for my stupidy

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    If u truly suck then youre better off using a more widespread tech for web development, such as React.js

    Then it will be easier to get advice and to find readily available solutions for various problems, in forms of articles or libraries
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    @hinst yeah well, i just can't get warm with php, js or ts which is why i avoided web development for a loooong time.

    and as i am very used to c# i think blazor is the way to go here. Did some mini webapps with it and until now it works out :D
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