When everyone is already ahead in programming languages and you're still lagging behind.

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    I spent my first 6 months as an intern with absolutely no understanding of what was going on. I barely understood control flow at the start. I couldn't do anything for 6 months until it suddenly clicked for me over a couple days.

    4 years later after a lot of effort learning outside of work most days I am now architect for a software house.

    Don't give up
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    1. Write Code

    2. Check Code

    3. Show Code

    4. Goto 1

    Find some people willing to help you learn. Share projects on github and show off your code. It doesn't have to be good. You can get help with live people on Kahn Academy. We all started out writing shit code. Now we write sugar coated shit code. We are all learning our entire lives.
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    @Demolishun this

    I’ve been doing this for getting in for three decades and it still feels like people know more sometimes
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    My advice is read tech books. I learned more in a year reading books in the evenings every other night than 3 years on the job.
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    @Crost Do you have any recommendations ?
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    @chihala clean code, head first design patterns, domain driven design, the art of unit testing
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    @Crost Thank youuu, I will make sure to read / practice what they say
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    In what sense do you lag behind? There was no start pistol, people enter the field constantly and at any moment there are countless people in every phase of learning. The only races are the one against your self-set goals and the one for survival. If you're comparing yourself to arbitrarily selected groups such as coursemates or neighbors, consider stopping that and taking as much time as you can afford.
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    I keep telling this to my coursemates all the time. I was programming for four years before uni, no wonder I have a head start. That's like comparing themselves to a graduate if we were just counting years. By comparison they're actually progressing much faster than I was because they have the advantages of appropriate academic challenge and several experienced peers.
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