Finally got my first dev job. I am looking at the code base for my company. And it’s like I know how to code in this language. But I don’t know half of the advanced shit they’re doing. I understand they have more experience than me. But I’m just not sure how to catch up to them. Or be even on the same level as them? I guess just more out of office learning?

I can read what they’re putting in the code and understand how it works. But like how they came up with it I have no clue. I guess I’ll learn over time and have to put in some extra man hours.

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    Plot twist (not really): they may be having no idea why it was written like that either. Does it correspond with some adequate standard? If not, maybe they have hidden wiki or something scattered around.
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    This is expected for a junior dev to ask those questions. The answer could be that they have no idea why. Much of software gets developed over time, breaking the patterns they set out to enforce at the beginning. Sometimes out of need because what they're trying to do doesn't fit the pattern years later.

    Just like learning a language, study the code, follow similar patterns within the code base, and ask intelligent questions. Take moments when you get frustrated, it's ok to not understand everything day 1.
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    @demortes I guess I’m more curious on when I’ll be able to understand their intentions behind the code they wrote.

    Or more worried that I’m going to lose my job for not knowing enough. I have been reassured that I’m good. It takes a couple months. One guy didn’t do a task until 3 months after his start date. But it still makes me worry I guess.
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    The company has already invested into you. They're not going to let you go easily. Do your best and you'll find these aha moments to renew your confidence.
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    Mate, what you're going through is perfectly normal and expected. If you get fired over it then that's not a company you want to work for. As much as it sounds obvious, you cannot write code above your level. Sure, you can copy paste, but that doesn't elevate your skills.

    Write your first pull request code at your level. The one you can understand, debug and test. And then let them tell you: You did X, we do Y because of Z.

    If they don't provide Z, ask or you'll be in trouble. It's the Z that is transferable skill, the idea/thinking behind it, not the X or Y. If you learn Z you'll know how to write Y by yourself 👍
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