If you had
one language
One framework
To code everything you want
Would you learn it or let it pass

His code is heavy,
arms are weak,
mind is bending.
It's all spaghetti.
He is nervous but looks calm and ready
to go now
but he keeps on forgetting
what he wrote down.
The manager is getting loud
He moves his mouse but the bugs won't got out
They are features now
Time to ship
Over blaow!

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    You made my day, man! :D
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    @Gimpovski No worries. Glad i could help :D
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    Snap back with profanity
    Oop there goes sanity
    Oop there's goes the PM
    He's so mad but he won't give up that easy
    He won't won't have it, he's got the root pass
    But that don't matter contracts over and he's broke
    He's whole stack disappears, the PM cheers

    Some one please keep this going 😂😂😂
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    😂 this is epic.
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    Wow this is great!
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    you guys deserve more ++'s :D
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    @djtouchette Wins a Oscar. Or what's the equivalent for devs.
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    @stalinkay Certification... Oh wait..
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    Mom's Spaghetti
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    Guess the song
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    Sweet! Keep more coming please.
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    code smell and full of bugs
    his repo is mess
    the app wont work it's nodejs
    time ticks and its too late to fix
    he needs a devRant ball stress
    client call and pm shows up
    he knows he's f@$# up
    pushed without pull
    he regret already
    what he wrote down
    brings the whole server down
    get back to reality
    oop he lose sanity
    oop his job in jeopardy
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    Just brilliant!!!
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    I think we should make more of these.
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    For that sir I will give you one nacho ++
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    Git stash the shitty code
    Branch off the main repo
    Code spilling cos you've only got one shot
    To rid yourself of the bugs
    Cos outta job the world is so cold
    With Hailey and Leinny home cold with no paper
    Gotta make that paper or it's home to you mobile home
    With no smiling.
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    This is the kind of post devrant vets will reminisce bout in the future.
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