Resource should be enthusiastic and excited about this opportunity

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    Sounds honest to me xD
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    Hello.. fellow resources !
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    If you call me resource there’s a high chance I will spit in your coffee ­čśç
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    The "biped mammal known as a human" should have good working knowledge of Java....

    Hmm nope, now I'm discriminating against amputee's and aliens ­čśĹ

    I now know why I don't do HR.
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    Well, that's one direct way to put it. At least, it doesn't give us any hope - expectations are clear! ­čśä
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    Some weekds ago, while chatting with a colleague:
    - Hey, we're having this meeting to find a good resource management software. If you have any idea, you can tell us.
    - Ok, good. What kind of resources are we talking about?
    - Uh... Human resources.

    That's the day I learnt that I'm a generic resource.
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