I drunk better when I'm code

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    What r u talkin about
    U r drunk
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    Go home, you r drunk
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    Go drunk you are home
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    @wOnzky Motherfucker late by two hours 😬
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    I'm quite skilled to assess my alcohol level the day after when I review my code:

    Oh, thats actually pretty elegant -> 1/2 beer aka. the sweetspot

    Nr. of typos in variable names increasing -> 2/3 beers

    Nr. of unnecessary variables increasing -> 3+ beers

    Nr. of unnecessary brackets and double semicolons as well as wired formatting -> "I should have stopped coding 3 hours ago"- beers
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    @dandel10n *insert relevant xkcd comic *
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    I'm drunking not this understanding this is 🍻
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    Code better iam drunk i when

    When code iam better drunk i

    I code when iam better drunk 🔥😆
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    @sp90 You're home, go drunk!
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    Yoda would be proud.
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