You've got to be kidding?

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    No. They are not.

    Have you tried emacs, or maybe vim?
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    @magicMirror I'm creating Python course with neat learning curve, so I'm looking into reasonable shortcuts. And vim/emacs is not part of that for obvious reasons.

    I'm having less trouble with telling them to click on "Debug Cell" or type F1+debce (or set custom keybindings for most used commands), than dedicating our lessons to editor shenanigans.
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    Obvious, surely....
    I prefer pycharm for teaching.
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    That's an easy one-handed combination if you have a second alt key on right side of the space bar (2 fingers). If not, you need two hands but it's still easy (2+1 fingers).
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    @electrineer no, it's just that my keyboard and the keyboard of potential student won't be able to produce more than 3 keys-stroke at once. This shortcut is rendered obsolete on low end hardware. (Why do I have "gaming" laptop that doesn't support 3+ keystroke!? lol)
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    @vintprox at least you've got rgb, that's what gaming means anyway
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    @electrineer yeah, you're right. I'm just making my mistakes and learning from them XD I should have bought my own components and learned how to assemble it all.
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    @magicMirro Emacs taught me to play Chopin
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    can't you bind another shortcut to it? if it's vscode I'm pretty sure it's an easy fix
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    Looks right to me. Those are the keys you press when you slam your fist down on your keyboard.
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    Well, nevermind the huge keybinding. Command itself is off.
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    I call this Elbow+Enter
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