Hey... I've been selected for Microsoft as an SDE :)
Am I allowed to work on a Macbook at MS instead of a windows notebook?! 🤔

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    You're asking the wrong people, but probably.

    That said, I'd ask what the rest of your team uses and go with that. If you're the only one on mac and you encounter a problem, you're on your own for fixing it.
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    Also, congratulations!
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    Have you tried asking Microsoft ?

    Or is this your way of telling us you use a Macbook ?
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    Wow your going to be a Slave Driving Executive. Awesome of course you can bring your iWhip.

    Dude what's an SDE?
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    @hjk101 Software Development Engineer, one of the faang+ standard job titles
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    It's going to depend entirely on your org. It's absolutely a question for your employer.
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    @atheist thanks! had a feeling that might have been it but sounded too stupid:
    So is that a software developer or software engineer? I'd rather just have the SDK. If these kind of made up job titles is what I'm supposed to know I give up.
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    @hjk101 the "formal" difference between an engineer and developer is an engineer "usually" has a degree. Basically, they're the same thing.

    SDM is Software Development Manager, so I think it's just part of the SD job family.
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    @-red Isn't it getting into MS more significant and "show-off" thing here than having a Macbook?! It is, at where I come from.
    The point of the question is, I think it is odd to use a rival company's operating system, or any product for that matter, at a company building and selling similar products. In this case, macOS from Apple, being used at MS, instead of their own Windows.
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    If Windows was a big moneymaker for Microsoft, then yes, it would matter. But it isn't at all.
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    @bahua I'm NOT concerned about the "big" money loss for windows by me not using it. My concern is, does the fact that even an employee of MS refusing to use their product cause a bad reputation for the company and their product?!

    Similar to Samsung getting trolled after updating their new galaxy lineup status through "Twitter for iPhone"
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    Likewise, I am not saying anything would have anything to do with the effect of your individual choice.

    However, it doesn't matter who your employer is-- if you refuse to do things they tell you to do as an employee, you are of no use to them. Absolutely do not refuse anything, especially as a new hire, unless it's unethical or a crime.

    If your org within Microsoft offers the option of its staff having Mac hardware, it will be obvious. They will issue you a Mac with all the corporate spyware on it, if it's something they do.
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    @bahua Okay... I got it...
    "Refuse" was a strong word tbh :(
    What I meant was, I won't be so comfortable... That's all...
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    @stackphish I think if you're a big outwardly facing employee, you need to be more careful to adhere to the company image (see, for example, "Google" the company never refers to "doing a search on the Google search engine" as "googling something", because it may mean they lose control of their name).

    But engineers are engineers. Microsoft makes products for macOS. We use whatever tools work best for us.
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    that'd be funny as heck 😂

    im forced to use the product of the company i work for, but i also use the competitor's 👀
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    Didn't they use to have a rule that employees can only use company products for work?
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    @stackphish Yes, just because they pay you doesnt mean they own the right to choose your device.
    And most of Microsoft products are a fork of Apple products anyways, so you are just using the original instead of a copy.
    And if you want some fun at the new job, Add a laptop skin cover with Steve jobs face on it alongside a quote.
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