Anyone know why calling the "memo" function on a React component or using the "useMemo" hook is widely accepted to be called "memoization", when the name itself derives from an existing English verb which actually means what the function does? Why are we artificially creating jargon?

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    Wrong category, should be in memo section
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    because it means different things. it's not the same as what we call memorization, and creating the jargon makes it easier to tell it is in fact technobabble
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    @darksideofyay If the meaning is really different though - which I'm not convinced about - then the words are way too similar both in speech and writing, and way too easy to mix up.
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    So that programmers can easily find answers related to the specific topic of interest, rather than sifting through several pages of internet search results for memorization.

    Or someone wanted to sound funny.
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    @hardCoding author suggested that words are way too similar, which makes it in fact *harder* to distinguish search results from broader concept.
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