New excuse for not doing work:
"taking data"

My dev system is tied up taking data for an hour to store data for a replay system I intend to build. I need raw data from the system. I need to know how much data I will collect in an hour as well. I also need to collect said data. For about an hour. This data will be fed back into the system sans the data collection. This will allow me to replay whole jobs that our field techs perform. If they get me data I can reprocess the data and fix my positioning algorithms. Kinda fun!

So the excuses are now up to 2:
"taking data"

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    Data collection
    Running specs
    Software updates
    Sick children
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    @Demolishun You can usually still work during backups, though.
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    @Root someone crucial not replying to emails
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    Our default excuse with my friends at a previous job was "waiting for review from Martin."
    It took them several months to figure out that the senior called Martin resigned two years before we joined and although he was a default reviewer in Azure, the CD pipeline ignored him so he could not possibly be a blocker.
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    How mych data lol ?

    It takes me 5 minutes to extract 3 to 4GB of data and put into my dev system.
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    @NoToJavaScript It cannot be sped up. It sends n amount of data from a physical tracking system once per second. It cannot physically provide this any faster. Cause sound through fluid, reflections, processing power of position tracking system, etc. It conveniently tied up my dev system for an hour.
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    @lbfalvy that's genius 😂
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