hoi guys,
on freecodecamp i had a lesson to build a website on codepen.io with bootstrap.
except that it has some code features, it felt like normal coding.
i have to write all on my own also.
And then I opened a html5 project on netbeans with downloaded bootstrap and it filled the index. html plus css and other files with much content (but looked like shit)..
why is there such a big difference between codepen bootstrap and netbeans bootstrap?

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    Maybe because NetBeans is not really optimum for web development, you are better off using just sublime, and id you're an IDE person try using webstorm and phpstorm for web development, they are very cool and have some awesome functionalies
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    @norman70688 oh dude i dunno.. but i had many problems.. cuz on codepen the bootstrap wasnt the newest version. i had to add new bootstrap plus linking newest bootstrap in the <header>
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    @DevNullStdin that could be true i, want them, but they cost money
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    Don't use Codepen inbuilt packages, you can include CDN links to get the up to date version.
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    @norman70688 exactly, and it does not work even similar to v3.

    I tried v4 using their documentation and failed.. so I am sticking with v3 and claim v4 is buggy
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    for example the class="pull-right"
    had no functionality until i kicked out the built in boot for cdn link. then all my commands worked proper
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