Play designer board games; they are multi-tenant programs, complex algorithms, modularity, meticulously balanced, and all elegantly linked to an artful UI. They are also made out of cardboard.

It is hard to play them and not become a developer that builds increasingly holistically.

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    Especially engine builders!
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    @dootlurk Those are good. I can see a lot of crossover value to most major mechanics. I think that system architecture is perhaps one of the biggest things that one can learn from how games are designed.

    If you get a chance play Village by Inka and Marcus Brand.
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    Robo rally is a game where multiple people program multiple instructions for their robot which is trying to race around a factory. Everyone uses the same thread so it can cause robots to push each other and mess up the upcoming instructions.
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    Would you throw in a couple of names? I’m curious
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    @irene that one is mad, but the programming analogue is undeniable lol
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    What is Biochemical Narcotics.
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    @piratefox I mentioned Village and
    Robo Rally. I think I’ll let some other people mention more. There are tons on. https://boardgamegeek.com

    I’ll throw in my favourite. El Grande
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    @irene yup, those I have already written down! I’ll also write down El Grande ^^
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