Paying minimum wages as become the norm in Portugal.
No matter that I have the same formation time in my area, plus experience, than a doc or engenheir everyone wants to pay minimum wages...
I'm so tempted to ask the next interviewer (usually an engineer) if his also getting minimum wage....
I'll do one year at my corrent company and will probably get out of this Europe's Ass.
Sorry for the bad typing. Working till 8 am

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    Wow, that really sucks, I hope things get better for you
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    What specialty? Developer? Which seniority level?

    How long the experience in the field?

    Has this always been the case or just changed recently?
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    Almost falling asleep :p
    CNC operator...
    I have formation in g-code and CAM programming, 3D design (products, not artistic, working with a milling machine, doing pieces with 0.01mm precision :p

    I didn't follow programming... 30 years ago there was no dev jobs in my country
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    20 years ago this job was so well paid that a machinist could get 5 times the minimum wage easely.
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    For example, my dad was a 3d drawer and was getting around 3000€, 30 years ago...
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    @GyroGearloose You are evidently overworked and underpaid.

    Why is this happening in Portugal? Are companies going the US model of labour exploitation or is there a lack of job supply leading to employers taking unfair advantage of their employees?
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    yeah I agree
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    @Floydimus I think most of the southern Europe countries (portugal, spain, italy, greece, albany, ...) are quite in deficit and are really having hard times with money, so everyone is keeping its money quite tight and company pay less
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    @Floydimus @ZioCain besides, there is this gigantic pile of qualified workers in MENA, SA and LATAM that are willing to do great work for minimal euro-pay. North European countries usually pay more because they are looking for the best devs, and not just the regular stil-pretty-good ones. But for the masses, salaries are bottoming.
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    Well, desperate people keep accepting lower and lower pays... So they keep lowing salaries. Been happening since around the 2000's... For example a truck driver gets half or less now then 20 years ago
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    things suck over here, but IT still has enough prestige that we are well paid, compared to different jobs
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