I sometimes forget windows is absolute shit. Then I get to work with one and remember. Specially since microshit has actually banned my email (because I didn't give it my mew phone number it's sulking like a creepy stalker) and so I can't even properly log the fuck in into a machine I was using a few years back. 😐

If someone makes a windows rip off that could properly deal with .exe files, count me a customer. (in future tho. I haven't got money for shit rn)

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    Have you tried wine? Not the drink, but the windows emulation layer at winehq.org?
    I once got a Windows exe school software to run on Linux using wine. That's not only command line, but also for simple UI applications built on the usual libraries (.net / mfc / vb).

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    @fraktalisman last I tried it was a few years back. It still couldn't run ms word or steam.

    P.S. there is also "Play on linux" which is fancier wine with graphics.
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    I rarely use Microsoft software except VS Code, and I rarely use Windows, except inside a VirtualBox for testing websites in Edge and Internet Explorer.

    But I have an old laptop with native Windows on dual boot, because it's the only way to use our old HP printer that doesn't even not obey to MacOS Sierra and Ubuntu LTS anymore after a Python / CUPS update ðŸĪŠ

    I wouldn't have imagined that operating systems are still such an issue in 2021, but here we are.
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    @NoMad It has improved immensely since then, I use it for several games for instance (admittedly this is more Proton than WINE but still)
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    I agree. I tried a gaming laptop and it was a bloatware, adware infested pile of trash. Promptly went back to Mac and Linux.

    If an OS ever managed to execute windows binaries they would be sued into oblivion.
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    @heyjoe1984 *sweats in ReactOS and arguably even WINE somewhat*
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    @heyjoe1984 👀 I actually wanna buy a gaming laptop. Are they that bad? (I'll replace os with linux tho)
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    @NoMad Depends, some specific hardware is a pain in the ass but should be fine tbh
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