Can't start a rant on Reddit without attracting people with savior complex.

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    Were you ranting to vent or ranting to solve a problem?

    That’s what I end up having to ask people when they come to me with issues irl. Like, if you want me to just listen and empathize, I can do that. If you want me to analyze your problem and come up with possible solutions, I can do that too. I just need to know which one you want before you start. 😅
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    I was complaining about the shit interview experience with [Rant] in the title. Here comes all the Amazon/Google engineers telling me how stupid I am. Just like what @rutee07 said. Big mistake
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    @h3rp1d3v Ugh, people are awful. Sorry, friend.
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    @rutee07 *types a smart ass comment*
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    @rutee07 I feel called out xD xD
    That's a flaw of mine :|
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    How about ignoring them? 🤔
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    @Ranchonyx searched for yuri moment and got hit with a furry lesbian soft porn anime.
    Not sure if you're hitting on @SoldierOfCode
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    Well, actually, I didn't finish reading your comment, but It's not a waste of time, It's all about lorem and ipsum and dolor sit oder domes aber ja, und also nein

    I hope that raised your pressure, now I need to take a shower! Yuck
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    @rutee07 Ah.Gah. Blep..... 😵
    I will shutup now.
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    What kind of comments do you even expect? Why do you even read them if you don't want to discuss? Many people want to try out if they can come up with a solution that could work if they were in your situation. If they find out why the solution sucks, the better.
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    @h3rp1d3v care to elaborate on or share a link to "the shit interview experience with [Rant] in the title"? I'm missing context and feel like I'm also missing part of the fun
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    @rutee07 Lol love those who do that self validation on social media.

    I don't even understand why would someone place their self worth on any external factor, especially socials, where literally everyone is struggling to the same thing with others.

    The entire model is moronic.

    Now tshirt and morons, reminds me of something I saw years ago when Twitter was in early days. A t-shirt that read 'Twitter is for morons' and it was quite popular.
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    As a person of color / south-east asian / basically not a white man, I get whitesplained a lot. Fuck reddit
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    @rutee07 most are driven by social media and motivated my money and money alone.

    I took my second dose today and spent my afternoon talking to an old friend.

    NGL, she is smart and hard working, but boy she fried my brains and I had to excuse myself because I was getting mild temperature. Felt like I wasted my afternoon. She was continuously blabbering without listening and wheb I took turn to speak, she seemed distracted on her laptop checking notifs or whatever. Rude and dumb behaviour.

    And Reddit is mostly garbage these days. The normies have started migrating in there. Still many good communities but normies are making is a hell to exist there and being offended at every little thing. Kind of annoying to participate. I mostly ignore such users because there is no point in having a conversation or trying to change their view. Some people are too stubborn to even consider the idea that one can change the perspective, let alone considering it.
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    @oraro Similar reasons for why I left and utterly hate HN and kind hope their servers spontaneously combust and all of their backups fail.
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    @webketje deleted the whole thing. 😔
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    social media caters to narcissism. you rant at the abyss, the abyss rants back 🤷
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    @h3rp1d3v Oww. Well thx to this rant I added "savior complex" to my vocabulary :)
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    @rutee07 Yeah, especially when the idea of ranting on this site seems to blow some members mind. By either being offensive or whiny.

    We should make our own place Lutee, with crypto, anger anf coke.
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    Your name almost sounds like herpes
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    @rutee07 the kind you find in coke
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    @Frederick and blackjack and hookers?
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