Hi mates ๐Ÿ‘‹
Am going to dedicate myself to dev & open source communities.
I want to build an API that solves something, and I'm looking for your suggestions: what problems in your day-to-day dev life that you would love to have it automated/have it available programmatically?

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    Colleages that don't write readmes, unit tests and want their shit merged even if the build fails
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    A virtual ODBC wire-protocol server!

    We have like 30+ databases, in several sites . Some DBs are PostgreSQL, some are Oracle, MongoDB, Redshift, MS SQL server... and many of each.

    State of the art:
    Apache superset has this AMAZING feature where I can run queries in any connected SQL data source (SQL Lab). but only manually.

    Use Case:
    I wanted an "virtual DB", some sort of reactive API that allows for connection to ALL of those DBs using the standard ODBC protocol.

    It would be then a single IO point to configure security and user access restrictions. Pretty much every data tool can connect to an ODBC data source, but it is a bitch to configure security and user access in many data sources. A single port for all the databases would be great!
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    Some days ago I tried to find an API with all countries names and their divisions / provinces, and their cities.
    Maybe you could write something like that, and make it as flexible as possible; like, having different names for the divisions and as many nested subdivisions as required.
    What do you think?
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    how about solving your own problem. an API place for ideas and voting and discussions. something along the line.
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    I can tolerate the rest if we're working on a tight schedule but literally what in the fuck is the last one?

    How can anyone reasonably demand their code be merged if it's failing the build smh
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    By your username, I'm guessing you're a fellow culer. Can you please write an API that sends me an email when Barca finally start to pick up the pace and end this crisis?

    I just need a reminder on when I can go back to watching football again after today's nightmare
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    @c3r38r170 I think there are already such API. Couldn't you find them or do they miss some features?
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    @useVim thanks for the suggestion, what I actually want to build is a tool or API that helps developers technically speaking
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    @RexGalilae hahaa this made me laugh and cry ๐Ÿฅบ
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    @azizfcb Nah couldn't find one. I didn't search that long tho'.
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