Owned a smartphone for 10 years, this month was my first time ever getting 3G/4G connection ...

I prefer no internet when I'm out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    The first time in 10 years you're not underground?
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    Yeah, PDAs are great. Much smaller than laptops and almost as versatile.
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    @Root you bet, because I was that person until I was introduced to Spotify.

    I never used internet when out and enjoyed the present moment.

    Spotify changed a lot of my behavioural habits like getting a data pack and the way I listened to music.

    Call me a lagger but I do take time to onboard the bandwagon.

    @Gitpush life was more peaceful when I was not constantly connected to the internet.
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    I use my phone while out for music, directions, and looking up random trivia that comes up in conversation.

    And offline things like my shopping list, camera, etc.
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