An interesting take on tech hiring in tech industry.


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    Very insightful.
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    Wish I could stop wasting energy on those stupid interviews trying to figure out those stupid hidden boxes. Fuck all those corporate assholes.
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    My favorite part was when OP realized people were in it for the money, and somehow thinks it was different only ten years ago in 2011-2012.

    Nah homie. We were in it for the money then too.
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    I agree with that take. Tech Hiring processes is something that has bothered me ever since I was on the interviewer side for the first time.

    Just how do you judge that a person is going to be a good addition to your project and team?

    The most important for me is always whether they person has or have had *any* personal projects that he/she did recently. That alone speaks tons about the person. Ofc previous experiences are probably the second most important to me and after that it's actual practical skills the person can show on the interview.

    Using just those attributes you can feel out a good candidate in like 80% of the time.

    but these days interviews drag for weeks, completely halting your options in getting into other job opportunities.... it's starting to get really ridiculous...
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    This has happened to someone I know:

    > be looking for a job for a few months now (grad)

    > company A asks for interview, looks fun, you try it out

    > there's 2 more interview rounds.

    > next week Interview #2 goes well, new interview next week

    > another week passed, you finish Interview #3, results by start of next Week

    > Company B contacts you, they need someone fast, you go to an interview with B

    > B tells you that they like you

    > You don't like B, but it's a good and fast opportunity, on the other hand you already invested a lot of time into A and you like A a lot (better pay too)

    > You tell B that you will let them know by the start of Week when A let's you know if you pass

    > A doesn't let you know

    > You wait few more days, nothing...

    > You call A, ask what's up... they will let you know by end of Week

    > You call A by end of week... they will let you know by start of Next week

    > B no longer an option

    > A found someone else

    > After a month, you're still jobless
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    multi round interviews and interviews with week long tasks and projects for you to finish are a waste of money and time with a large risk attached to it as well...

    you still had to eat and pay rent all the time

    you still had no time for other activities because you had tasks

    you were still in stress from countless interviews and being jobless

    and at the end all you have to show for it is a nicely worded email telling you that you're just not the right candidate for them.

    as far as I'm concerned, this should be illegal. This is exactly why the probation period exists, so both the employer and employee can see if they are a good fit during actual work and cancel the contract if anything is off... The interview is supposed to be a very rough selection process to weed out the obviously incompatible...

    The number of interview rounds is now a huge red-flag for me.
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    @Hazarth I was speaking to Agoda and Coin base, both had 8 to 9 rounds of interview.

    I am glad that I got kicked out early on.
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    @Hazarth also a bird in the hand, is better than two in the bush.
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    @Floydimus the bird thing barely applies since a job is something long Term that decides how much money you gonna make for the forseeable future which greatly limits or opens your oportunities in your next step.

    In that case getting a better paid job you enjoy and which gives you better career ladder oportunities is much better 6 months later than a shitty underpaid job that will drain your mental health now.

    You will most likely end up with the same amount of money by the years end but with much more Networking and better mental and by extension physical health in the first option.

    And you know how life is... It's short and there are no do-overs
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    "10 years ago people going into tech were passionate, interested in the creativity... nowadays everyone's in it for the money"

    14 years ago when i was starting in the industry, i was passionate, interested in the creativity.

    then i realized there's no opportunity for creativity in programmer's job, and hard to be passionate about codemonkeying bullshit requirements of moron managers in atrocious legacy codebase...

    ... so yeah, the only reason left is the money, and that's starting to not be enough of a motivator too.
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    So how to hack it ?
    Apply you and your friend or some guy you hire to fake apply for a job for you ( there are people who do it lol )
    Always be second after the guy, respond to questions to fill out checkboxes.

    You don’t even have to know anything cause they don’t care once you hired.
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