What would happen if I report @dfox ?

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    I wonder if they did a trick or something so that when you report the staff you'd actually report yourself XD
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    You have to try! For science!

    NB: I do not take any responsibility in case something go wrong. :D
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    Instant ban!1!1!1!
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    Most likely @dfox will venture into an introspective quest, wandering across the vast planes of his mind, craving the truth that's there every moment but vanishes in a blink of an eye. Testing his very integrity by asking himself "am i wrong?" "what have i done?" "should i amend for my sins?".
    It will only be at the end of times that the sole and only question will surface and solve his struggles: "who the fuck is this moron that dares report me, the boss?"
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    I get banned and can no longer post.
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    @dfox how many reports will it take to ban a profile?? Or does this work on single report? Banning on single report can be folly.
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    Do it, I dare you
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    @Jase well the difference is he is also admin, so he can just sudo unban
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    He won't notice till he makes another announcement or something
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    @billgates *when he tries to, that is
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    He first would ban everyone for a day and the next day make a post like "I am your GOD, respect me or else" then a future feature list :D
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    echo json_encode(array("success" => true));
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    Dfox is banned or not is not interesting. I'm curious that abuse of this function will be considered as violating term and condition?
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    Well the message does say that they will review the profile... so I'm guessing it's not a "after certain reports you get banned for good"
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