Can AI recognize fake smiles?

So, my good-for-nothing brother-in-law comes with his toddler. I'm pissed at him for reasons, but gentlemen are always polite IRL and look at each other for greetings.
His toddler has always loved me and runs towards me. But see my fake-ass smile and suddenly she is shy and nervous.
She has noticed the stealth-fake smile that fooled her mother and grandmother.

Can AI do that? are there enough markers to differentiate a fake smile from a real one? Or is it waaay to personal?
If is it trivial, can someone please make a fake-smile coach app?

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    I’d imagine you could train a model to recognize when the eyes don’t match with the lower part of the face, but I’d worry about the effects of labeling smiles as “fake” when people could just have facial nerve damage. 😅
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    I think you need a sampling of real smiles from the subject, first.
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    @AmyShackles @spongessuck it could be hard to make a training database since people in stock photos and on Instagram and even on movies, live tv and in-person studies are often act-smiling. Think "politician in his third rally this week" aaaaalmost real smile.
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    Most pictures of people having a smile are fake as they pose for some occassion or selfies to post on Facebook or Instagram

    Photos that were taken spontaneously and/or without their knowledge would be a good source of truth to begin with
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    There are also different degrees of faking a smile. Smiling for a photo when you're at least somewhat content is very different from smiling to hide the fact that you're actually upset or annoyed.
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    This is hard - an average person, maybe.

    But a human is an individual. It's hard to measure emotions, as you'd need most likely a brain scan for it.

    Psychopaths / sociopaths / pathological liars / ... lots of outliers which are hard to track by expression alone. Brain scan would be the closest thing. If you manage to get a constant brain scan in real time, neurology will kiss your arse, I'm sure of it.
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    What if it's that toddler's mom and grandma don't care about the fake smile whereas toddler does?
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    @sjwsjwsjw they were quite happy just by having family over, and quite distraught with other issues.
    Besides, a fake smile is how large families with serious political divisions say "hi"
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    Some say that when someone smiles for real their part around nose changes.

    In the book about dani by rool (right name?) dahl says that when you smiles for real the eyes twinkle/glow (in the book, it is the dani's father's smile).
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    Ai can do that.
    I used ai recognition software a few years ago just to learn how to and it would say the probability that a person is happy, sad...
    Fake smiles trew a sad response, not happy
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