Bleh, the game awards winners are a bunch of console hand-me-downs, or console exclusives. Fuck AAA games.

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    The gaming industry is dead. Other than the indie game market there's nothing else left.
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    Game industry is rotten. Most of people are jerking off from graphics and trailers. Another fps, or 3rd perspective open world crap without endgame, with flat story and lots of bugs. There are literally 1 or 2 AAA games per year I’m willing to buy and play.
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    The fact, that they still not manage to make the trailer at least communicate the fucking general type of the game.
    No way, there ever will be "box art" worth looking at.
    And everything having any sort of dialogue or leveling is called an RPG...
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    @sariel ffxiv is still incredibly good!

    Other than that yeah… it’s either indie or Mac 2 games/year.

    People overhype a lot of stuff cause of marketing. Ghh…
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    @Oktokolo They target stupid bored kids that just want to see explosions, good superhero render and play the genre by killing bunch of barely walking npcs to feel better. Expectations are so low these days.
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    Awards always were just wanking. As it is in art and movies
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    @sariel i feel the same. They used to create the game they enjoyed and then peoplle lived. Nowadays, there is too much consumer data that games are created with “this works and this does not” approach, usually end up profitable butshitty games.
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    Guilty Gear and Metroid Dread are a lot fun. Don't really know or care about the rest of the listed games.
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    @aviophile they're all the same, just repackaged bullshit.

    Halo, GTA, Battlefield, etc ...

    It's the same with everything in entertainment anymore, even movies.
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    More often than not tens- even hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on the crunched development of a sequel that will fall out of the public consciousness within a couple months.
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    I'm curious what you would've selected instead. I actually really enjoy/enjoyed most of the games on that list (especially Halo Infinite, RE Village, and Metroid Dread).
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    I don't have any consoles. I've thought about the switch, and my brother and sister insist I should get one, but I don't want to buy my games all over again. I've reserved a steam deck though, and I'm really looking forward to that.

    In the last year I've really enjoyed(understanding that these are not necessarily 2021 games, but most are) 8 Doors, Ender Lilies, Crosscode, Call of the Sea, the final fantasy pixel remasters, Subnautica Below Zero, Death's Door, Rogue Legacy 2, Dead Cells(which gets new content updates every couple months), Archvale, Ikenfell, and several more I can't think of right now, along with replays of games from unequivocally prior to 2021, like 7 Days to Die, Hollow Knight, the Messenger, Lord of the Rings Online, Portal 2, Freelancer, Half Life 2, and Civilization 4.

    Keep in mind too that I play 99.99 repeating percent of my games on Linux, though compatibility is not really a problem anymore.
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