My company really ain in the arse, communication is an issue here. The company have the elements of cronyism and nepotism in dealing with employees as everyone is judged based on who you know and how close you are to management vs pure merits of one's work.

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    What do you expect from a place with a no peeing rule and allowing these sins in the codebase:

    Clowning around with booleans

    Vaguely named variables

    async for no reason
    async (num1,num2) => num1+num2

    And vulgar comments
    //fuck you asshole my codez rulz lolz

    The last would be an automatic firing in most companies....
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    @TeachMeCode I found out today that fucker know/friend with some people in the management, I am not surprised that he is not getting fired. And I consistently got backlash from me correcting the project. Now everything is clear.

    In the workplace I considered myself excommunicated because I tried to communicate within the team, they just ghosted me.

    In a recent event, I asked a guy who wanted the data to return in Javascript Object, all was fine until I got confused that he wanted to append new data into the 'KEY' of the Object! Not Property, But the KEY!

    I thought to myself Maybe my Programming skills in nodejs sucks, but then I realised why append data in KEY? Sample:

    "id" : datafromserver['id'],
    "data" : datafromserver['data']
    So I asked them to explain to me maybe there's a special way to do this that I may be unaware of. They ghosted me and told me that management I am not Communicating.
    Bitch what the fuck did I just do then?
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    @TeachMeCode They had me sign the Non-Disclosure agreement, which I am not allowed to disclose the code to the public during or after the employment, which got me thinking " Bro, who the fuck actually interested in your source code? It is a bunch of messy shit if mark Zuckerberg read the code and mark turned into a human in 0.003 nanoseconds."
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    I hate company that can't communicate blame you for not communicating
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    Nobody would want it. It’s not worth stealing, it’s like stealing someone’s used kitty litter.
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    @johnmelodyme the worst is I can't use assign . Is not allowed here.
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    @TeachMeCode guess what , I got laid off , they said that I am not communicating enough.
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    @johnmelodyme oh no! Sorry to hear this. I’m sure you’ll land somewhere better. Are you moving out of Malaysia eventually? Hong Kong is a great place for tech. I think Singapore is another great place perhaps closer to where you are for tech jobs.
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    @TeachMeCode planning for Singapore or Taiwan. Malaysia is piece of shit country I would say , I wrote a blog about the culture here , too toxic.
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    Taiwan is another great highly developed place close to you. Can’t lose either way
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    @TeachMeCode yes... Taiwan is damn good option ... I am invest into it.
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    I even planned to migrate there.
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