You know what sucks? Android having only 2 languages for their android app documentation why can't it at least support rust or typescript or other languages, im sick of all of this "fun" stuff
if you would choose the android documentation language what would you pick? ;o

my jetbrains ide is currently crying in a corner...

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    Yeah, they could drop Java…
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    There is an guide by google for the usage of rust, there is an target for golang to build binaries that only need an small boilerplate for integrating it into the apk.
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    @100110111 java is an glue to able to deploy code to the devices. Which language provides code that works on different architectures without recompiling?
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    There are way way more ways to make android apps...
    App inventor, python, c sharp...
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    @stop Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, Wasm (and by proxy C, C++, Rust and every LLVM language), C#, F# and all the CLR languages, Clojure, Kotlin and all the JVM languages. This stopped being a feat 15 years ago.
    Also, why on Earth would you want to ship the same binary unless you're moving installations across devices? Locating and shipping the correct binary takes next to no effort.
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    you know what ACTUALLY sucks?
    regardless of which of the numerous languages you choose, you won't avoid the hassle of developing for android XD
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    That's why I use app inventor lol.
    It just works
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    @GyroGearloose i remember using that application.
    its very cool
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    @Midnight-shcode okay midnight shlong :)
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    @Phazor001 i would love to hear how your brain got from "shcode" (which stands for "semi-hybrid code", btw) to schlong, and it thought of it as a reasonable step :)
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    @Midnight-shcode okay :) sounds pretty shlong champ!!!
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    @Phazor001 i never thought i could dislike someone based on two one-sentence comments.

    thank you for making me realize it is possible.
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