Coffee at 7 am.
Coffee at 1 pm.
Coffee at 7:30 pm.
Sleep at midnight.
Wake up at 6:30.

Do you have a better procedure for maximising performance?

I have a deadline next Monday...

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    I'd have to move the coffee from 7:30pm to 5pm, and sleep to 10pm
    Need your sleep brah
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    Have you ever heard about drugs?
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    I want to work so hard this week even if I won't have much energy later. Isn't 8.5 hr of sleep alot?what would you do if you had a super impetant deadline approaching? @stimulate
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    Coffee at 7:00, Coffee at 7:30, Coffee at 8:00, Coffee at 8:30, Wake up at 9:00.
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    Breaks. Seriously, take breaks. You'll get way more actually accomplished of you give your mind time to decompress instead of just pushing.

    Oh, and if you're one of those who does best right after waking up, cut your sleep down to 6 hours, but include a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day.
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    Your schedule wasn't too far off of mine:

    Wake up @ 6:30am.
    Coffee @ 9am.
    Coffee @ 3pm.
    Coffee @ 7:30pm.
    In bed/sleep by 12:30am.

    I did this for 2 weeks straight to have a working build for a conference (hard deadline). Worked ~10 hours (pure focus time). That was beginning of March, I have now completely burnt out with 1 week of "recovery".
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    Sprinkle some cocaine on your coffee and you last longer, honestly tough the best thing i did was to exchange the coffee for tea. I get to sleep easier and feel more rested the next day.
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    @sam9669 fck... i just remembered... i was supposed to make me a cup of coffeee... 2hrs ago....

    I even left the water boiling... time to reboil...
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    Just keep a pile of cocaine on your desk and periodically slump into it for a refreshing and revitalizing pick me up.

    Just joking. I have one double shot espresso in the morning and then decaf tea. Meditation honestly does more than coffee for me at this point. Clearing my mind and controlling my breathing can really make me focus like nothing else. Would recommend.
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    @billgates I hate it when water does that.
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    You could sleep less at night, and sleep two times in a day. For example, 4 hours at night and 3 when you got home from work. It may increase you productivity.
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    @claudiofilipe21 Problem for me is that this requires more self management from my end.
    Sometimes I forget to get breakfast. Literally forget. So I don't want to need to do a lot of stuff to increase performance.
    Drinking coffee and throwing my self on the bed after a long day takes less work.
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