(No punchlines just a rant sorry, very angry at this person. Can't leave the club. Talked to seniors about it. Talked to coworkers for some voluntary help. No help here ;-;)

Yesterday: we need to have a meet to plan things out. 3 PM?

Rainbow eating monster: Yes

Yesterday 5 PM: Reminder

Rainbow shitting monster: I can't I have important things

Yesterday 5:01 PM: Children eating monster (in group): hey yall watching the event going on rn

Yesterday 5:02 PM: is this what you're busy with?

Rabbit pooping monster: this of course I can't miss. And anyways I have 5 more things to do: thing that I've already done, this club meet that you asked me to do yesterday and I said I'd have done, a meet with a friend, I'm having lunch now, and a meet with you. Hence I can't meet with you.


Today (in group): Kidney stealing monster: @me (irrelevant to discussion) can you meet for other thing that *I* was supposed to do a week ago?
Will you be available @me at 5 PM?
Okay everyone, assuming @me is available, tentatively we meet at 5 PM.

Today 12 PM: i wake up to this faeces

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    I had a hard time following along, but he sounds like a nice guy
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    @ScriptCoded me too the names are too confusing

    Sounds like someone doesn't want to plan things out
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    Ah sorry. Was frustrated and tried to get creative. I'm not. All the names are the same person.
    Basically, when I advised him to do something because of future events he knew about (or more like should know about, since it's as much his job as mine), he missed on that. Repeatedly. Then tried to drag me in forcefully to handle it when I already have twice the workload he does.
    For planning things which we're being requested for by seniors for a while now, he doesn't respond to them and when I ask for meets, it's not a prioritization issue but he makes it appear so - of the clashing items he mentioned (claiming he has 3 things calling for his attention at the same time), two were already conducted, one scheduled for later in the day (the one he's trying to drag me in), and one was lunch - which is sketchy since he went to campus (that too on the basis of this club, which he prioritizes last) and that has strict quarantine and fixed times.
    I get frustrated having to drag him along
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