I have to share this. These guys are unbelievable! They claim they will build this console that will run a modded Debian Linux. Ok so far...

But then they say that it will run Windows games...

Wine you may think?!


They say they will make a 'revolutionary' motherboard, that will RUN WINDOWS GAMES (?!?!?), WITHOUT WINDOWS!!!! And they will do this by putting a fucking FPGA chip on the board!!! That will INTERPRET .EXE FILES (IN HARDWARE LEVEL!!!)

They must be gods to run an .exe file using nothing but (V)HDL without the shared libraries and at hardware level!

Scammers gonna scam!


P.S.: FPGA - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

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    .... Looks like some people don't understand window's runtime dependency libraries
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    I'll be interested once they make a PCI version and open-sourced drivers.
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    Lets seee... Who is the better in assembler?? Me or these scummers...... Probably the scummerz
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    What the fuck
    Is this shit
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    *pukes* you can't run Windows apps on linux without wine *facepalms*
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    @DeveloperACE oh yeah man, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what they are trying to say/do...

    I don't know if it's bullshit or ingenuity... But I refuse to think that they are so naive.

    To think at the amount of copyright they would have to break to get this stuff working.

    Not even counting the FPGA shit that will magically run .exe files... An awesome hardware that can interpret windows games, all this without libraries and DirectX and stuff... At HW level... Amazing!!!
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    The Henry Ford quote on their website is not even a real Henry Ford quote:

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