How tf do I explain my manager that I simply can't change the damn response coming from a 3rd party API without hurting his fragile ego but while also using crayons.

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    The best part is that I'm working on the frontend.
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    Tell him you'll need a data science team with an engineer to craft an ETL data Lake with machine learning on the block chain
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    the last part had me dead
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    If someone will not hear about problems in their plan to safeguard their ego, that someone is not a manager, but a boss.

    If someone who is not your boss is responsible for hiring this vendor, tell him to blame that person. Insecure-dick bosses love to kneecap each other.

    If the person who hired the vendor is your boss, say the vendor is not fulfilling the contract. It's a disguised way of saying "boss, you are not responsible for hiring a lemon, they said they were better! they are at a fault, not you".

    Conclusion: your boss' parents did a terrible job of teaching him responsibility. Start planning your exit.
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