my client has the most ridiculous tech stack for displaying an admin ui website I've ever seen.

* They have a mssql as db (on a separate machine)
* node js backend followed by a nuxt js backend (why???)
* then a nginx and on yet another server an apache

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    Nuxt.js as backend? You must be mistaking something. Nuxt is frontend framework.
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    Sounds like different programmers and sys, and trust me, it's far far away from the most ridiculous stack
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    Good architecture always separates your DB from your application. Even better if it's on a private subnet.

    I can't argue the other two though, that's just madness.
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    @vintprox I believe newer versions of nuxt have a "backend" now.

    It's more middleware that lives with your node API.
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    There is still some stuff that requires specific webservers.
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    @vintprox a front end framework that can do server side rendering
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    @8lall0 i agree with u

    We never gonna stop finding ridiculous stacks
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    @ChristoPy it can. But for whatever reason I tried making API on it, which is garbage idea.
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