Chromium cannot sign in (to Google) anymore to sync.

I would just like to know, why does google hate secure systems?

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    Figured the stick up their assess is because they finally made a version of chrome for linux. 😐 Dick move tho.
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    @NoMad the YouTube dislike debacles is the one that pisses me off the most,

    Now I go to videos and am like wow, 1 million likes , when I use the return dislike extension 1 m likes , 7 B dislikes
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    @EpicofGilgamesh Actually everytime i am reminded of that changes, it makes me pissed asf.

    "But its to protect the creators" - stfu youtube, you have literally in recent years tried to make the platform way worst for the "creators you say you love". Like by having a copyright system that always favors the stupid companies and trolls, demonetizing content without any reasons and in general some other stuff to make it as unstable as possible.

    But hey at least nobody can dislike their stupid political videos, dislike the mainstream stupid celebrities and the shady companies that tries to scam people with their products.

    And that fact its harder to see if the video is legit or not, great fucking job youtube.

    Fuck youtube and their silicon valley developer cry babies and management.
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    @NoMad IIRC they did that some time ago since supposedly third-party browsers based on Chromium allowed usage of Chrome Sync which wasn't supposed to be the case for anything but Chrome itself, and there was a version of Chrome for Linux for a while already, but hey, I'm very slowly migrating away from Google services anyway and use Firefox currently (despite its own issues, for the moment I at least want something usable that isn't based on the Chromium engine)
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    @chilledfrogs I use them both. But for document sharing and casting, I need the damn chrome bullshit.
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    @NoMad For casting I feel you although I might recommend Mkchromecast: https://mkchromecast.com/
    For document sharing, what do you mean? 😅
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    @chilledfrogs I can't remember fully, but there was something about google docs that didn't work too well in firefox. (My info is old tho)
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    @NoMad I never had issues with Google Docs in Firefox in the past 2 years or so, but there were issues before
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    @Frederick try the extension
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    @EpicofGilgamesh True, but the only problem with that is they will likely remove the button and the api for dislikes entirely in couple of months when people dont talk that much about the hidden dislikes. And the cached dislike counts from the api will also only go so far, until we have no way to see dislikes.

    Unless the extenstion will add their own dislike button when youtube has removed their.
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    @Frederick they should remove it though, what's the use of a metric you can't observe, it's as if you went to your doctor they found you have cancer but they can only show you how many others didn't have it
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    @EpicofGilgamesh I guess the logic is to damage control. But how out of touch they are with the community i guess their logic was something like this. "Well since we didnt remove dislike, people would probably not be mad"
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    Thanks for mentioning the "Return YouTube Dislike" extension - not sure why it is in the fun category though...

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    @Oktokolo that's what they think it is, a joke
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