!rant real talk though.

I am frustrated. Lately i have been having a slow time on the job, and it somehow dulled me down a lot.

In games you often have to think about transforms and rotations and offsets and hell knows what else.

I am usually pretty good at 3d object manipulation, it's one of those IQ test skills i generally score well on.

However lately i have not been able to come up with jack shit, i am simply unable to coherently think through a set of positioning and rotation changes to aquire the correct outcome for a mechanic and it pisses me off.

I have to fall back to slow as all hell trial and error and i don't even know what to do otherwise. It's been months now, do i have brain cancer or some shit? Arrrrrrg!

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    Maybe you are just to deep in it amd worrying amd stressing yourself does not help. I also get shit done in my current project so I am gona focus on somethimg else and come back with a fresh set of eyes. If that is possible for you you should give it a try.
    If you never had problems with this kind of thinking it will come back and you will be again on top of your game
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    what @klukas said. Don't force, you might break what you are trying to make.
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    I suggest to take at least a week AFK. It helped me once when I had a similar issue :) I rented a wooden house in the middle of nowhere next to one of our national parks. No notebook, no internet, shitty cell reception. I go back there at least once a year since then for a recharge ☺️
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    @zfor that is what i call holiday, i agree it helps. @kunashe @klukas buuuut this is my job, and this is my assigned task, so in this case i couldn't go do other stuff. There was no freedom to do so. It really sucks. But i probably agree that it would help, at least i hope it does, to take time off the issue.
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