WTF, I have an exam in about 2 hours and I'm looking at dolphin penises.

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    Sounds like you have a special porpoise.
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    It's a mental breakdown. Happens to the best of us too.
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    @NoMad If an inability to concentrate is all a mental breakdown is, what the hell am I experiencing?
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    @Root a... mental collapse? A mental catastrophe? A mental disaster? A neuro-full-failure? A bio-kernel panic? Pick your favorite!
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    Trust in Vim and let your master guide you away from distractions.
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    The vim gods are also into dolphin kinkyness, eh, I guess it makes sense.
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    @C0D4 in twisted world, maybe? 😂

    In other news Bram Moolenar found using a dolphin fuckfest vim theme while browsing dolphin circus.
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    How'd the exam go?
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