Do you prefer working remote or in the office?

I like to view these as equal choices. I don't think offices are as bad as some people make them up to be (of course heavily depends on the environment and company!). In opposed to working remote, offices can help you focus more on work and leave work problems "at work".

While, if you're working remote, it's not unlikely for work and personal life to become so intertwined that it's hard to tell them apart anymore. It's hard to not think about work at home if home is where you work.

I believe an ideal is somewhere inbetween - not entirely remote, but not entirely office focused either. Mixing and matching seems like the one approach where you get to have most of the benefits, but with the least negatives. It doesn't seem necessary to always be at the office but it also doesn't seem good for you to always be cooped up at home.

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    Indeed a mix of the two is best imo. While wfh makes me feel more productive, that feeling doesn't last long, because I also feel trapped in my bedroom/desk for appr. 16 hours a day/night
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    I prefer working in the office but i really hate commuting to/from the office.
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    both are good. but i prefer remote, more flexible.
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    I prefer working remotely. I like to cook my meals and I’m used to cooking while working or doing other stuff just to think trough the problem I need to solve.

    I’m not tired when I finish my work I just close lid on certain hour and that’s it. I have dedicated laptop just for work.

    I don’t need to waste my time commuting.

    I’m used to work only using laptop yet I have dedicated space for work or I can lay down on the floor, on my bed or sit in the kitchen, or watch tv and work, go outside and work from there.

    I really liked pre pandemic times when I could work from whatever place on the planet I wanted, now it’s more complicated with all those dynamic restrictions.

    My work is more task oriented, I have tasks and know what to do, my team is distributed across different cities, countries, and continents so if I go to the office it’s mostly to chat with people I don’t work with directly.

    I work like that 7+ years and I don’t think I would be able to work differently right now.

    When I worked in the office I came back tired and needed to rest before I do anything, people were literally sucking my energy, now I feel I have twice much time.
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    I do a bit of both - mostly I work from home, and go in a day or two a week. It helps that the office is nice and has a good coffee machine. I'd probably be fully remote otherwise.
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    Right now I'd say I prefer the office, but if I lived in a place with a spare bedroom or something that could be used as a home office, I'd be much more comfortable working from home. Right now I have my work laptop and gaming PC sitting on the same desk; having no logical separation between work and entertainment other than which screen I look at is destroying my ability to focus.

    I think the ideal is to allow flexibility. Let people work wherever they want as long as they can prove they are still productive enough to keep up.
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