Finally finished the blanket I’ve spent a month crocheting without a pattern after teaching myself to crochet at, like, the beginning of the month. It’s huge (this is it laying on a King sized bed) and I made so many mistakes that seem super obvious now, but I’m still weirdly proud of it.

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    Knew this was you from the description - congrats! Looks epic πŸ‘
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    Very very nice. Don’t worry about the mistakes. It’s the imperfections that makes it so authentic! You can be proud
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    Comfy af.
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    When I see crafts, I immediately think i'ts Amy. I was right yet again.

    On subject, this looks way thicker, denser and of high quality compared to what's mass-produced.
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    As a fellow crocher lover I know this is hard work. πŸ’ͺ
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    @kiki “Why would you see crafts and think of me?! Oh. I share drawings and calligraphy and .. “ Wow, I guess I AM a craft-y person. πŸ˜… And yeah! It’s fairly thick yarn, so it should be warm, which is good considering there’s so much snow around here right now.
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    That looks amazing! And like it was a lot of work. You totally should feel proud.
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    Nicely done! Looks really good from here :)
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