I feel awkward when my boss is creeping behind. Of course, I can switch the screen in a hurry, but such behavior is suspicious, and sometimes I don’t notice him. So, in order to switch the screen without being suspected, I create a system that automatically recognizes that he is approaching to me and hides the screen.


Source: http://ahogrammer.com/2016/11/...

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    nice, guess im lucky.... my cubicle's back faces the window. There is no way people can sneak up to me. Also my boss and the rest of the team... is in a different country. Not sure whether the 2nd one is good though...
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    Cool! How well does it work?

    For further notice there are these polarization filters that you can add to any screen (and remove at will) that only allow to see the screen if you are directly in front of it
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    You could also peel the polarizing filter from your screen off and use polarized glasses to be the only one able to see the image
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    Too much effort to be productive for work, but just enough to be productive setting up a system like this :P
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    I did a side project like that to track coffee machine usage with an Android tablet using openCV. Recognize a human shape, cut out the head and start generating reference DB for recognition. At some point it became self improving and once it got good enough it started greeting people and giving out funny stats on coffee consumption. =D
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    @xios sounds awesome!
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