Next time you write CSS

display: flex;

You're welcome!

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    After that open in < IE11. See the fun enjoy!
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    If only Apple devices would make it work... It's 2017 and still have to use floats
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    @Phlisg @PoweredByCoffee both IE11 and iOS support flex guys pls http://caniuse.com/#search=flex
    Just use a polyfill in sass for the old syntax and you're all set to support IE10+ with flex
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    @liammartens still doesn't work :) done all the things to make it work, but I think it just doesn't like nested flex everywhere. The whole content just gets stacked over each other, like text with no line height

    Had to use browser targetted css to fix things in FF (margins not working) and MS
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    @Phlisg hm strange cause Ive used flex where it worked just fine in IE10 and up, did you check all the known issues for 10 and 11?
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    @liammartens it works for IE, with targetted CSS, just doesn't on iPhone and iPad :(
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    Never tried it. Spent over a decade making CSS work on different websites and browsers... Kinda sounds like it would be too much like drag and drop lol.
    Does it work?
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    Its so much less work than floating shit all over the place! @biscuit
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    Will have a play with it today @mzpro10
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    Keep me posted @biscuit
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