Finish at least one thing I started in 2021

* Learning Latin
* Learning Unity
* Learning Flutter
* Working on a personal app idea

God, why is it so hard to follow through with something I started? :/

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    I tried to make a flutter app a few times. It's just so damn frustrating to get into mobile app development when everyone brags about how easy it is.
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    Ikr? As a React developer, I've found React Native easier to wrap my head around.

    Maybe the curve is just steep initially but flattens out when you finally grok the Flutter way of thinking. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to that point
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    Who needs Latin? All the cool kids are using Rust today!
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    By the way, very impressive!
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    Haha Rust is one of those things I always wanted to learn but never managed to start. Ig it's because I just haven't found a fun project idea for it yet.

    I'd love to know rust but atm, idk if I'd ever get to use it to build anything. Do let me know if you have any ideas tho
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    @rantsauce It's so that at one point in your life, you can enjoy Pyramus and Thisbe in Ovid's original.
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    Either that or be able to read and understand Actix's source code.

    Both are equally tempting ngl
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    I took one semester of Latin in uni but effectively stopped trying hard to learn the material when it became super apparent that the professor was the type who thought student performance was a reflection of his teaching and so would grade on “effort” rather than ability.

    The final for the semester was to compose three sentences in Latin and say them aloud to the class. Most people would start and be corrected all the way along until they’d said the three things they’d intended to say and that was a pass.

    Me? I just chose simple freaking sentences.

    Mea amicum optimum est Amber.
    Ubi est Amber?
    IBI! *pointing at Amber, who was my classmate*
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    If you wanna give it another go, try "Lingua Latina per se Illustrata". The book is entirely in Latin and you automatically start to grok the language as you progress through the chapters.

    University courses in Latin are useless as they focus too much on grammar. You'd be reading Ovid's poems in a semester's time if you went the LLPSI route.

    PS. Your professor sounds like a great person! Would've been tough to not get triggered as you mixed up the genders midway through the sentence :P
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    @RexGalilae Haha, I couldn’t remember if it was amica or amicum and when I tried to Google translate with amica, it said “my best girlfriend” and I was like “… maybe I’m misremembering this…?” Is it amicum optima? 😅 I honestly can’t remember how the genders work in Latin.
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    You're not alone stucking in an personal application idea hahah. Wish that me, myself and everyone here will put a great finish on everything left in 2021 soonly this year.
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    Haha yeah, classical languages never distinguished platonic and romantic love. Amica can either mean a female friend or a girlfriend, basically, "my beloved".

    The gender game's quite easy. Since the noun here is female, all its adjectives will be as well.

    Amica (f) -> Mea, Optima
    Amicus (m) -> Meus, Optimus

    Damn, all this talk is motivating me to get back to Latin lmao
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    @RexGalilae Haha! My evil plan is successful!
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