Figured out how to do a granny square properly! (Unknown yet if I can replicate 😂)

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    Sort of replicable!
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    Happy new year, Amy!
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    @vintprox And to you, friend!
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    Really wondering now how difficult it would be to make a crochetbot and develop a domain specific language for it so you could describe patterns as relatively simple algorithms 🤔
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    My crochet-crazy GF approves :P
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    @bittersweet there is already a way of writing crochet patterns with certain words/symbols/structure having specific meaning., and ways of writing to repeat a specific list of instructions a certain number of times (loops I guess?), etc. I guess you could call it a domain-specific language :)
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    @guitargirl15 && @bittersweet
    Isn't that the origin of QR?
    Some atztec comms and order reconnaissance, rediscovered around the 2000's
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    Came here to comment that except the bird we have the same avatar. Bird ia a big deal though.
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    ah the bow tie too.
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    Just noticed that's a raven, cooler sun glasses too.
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