Getting in a meeting with 6 people about a new couple of features I have to develop. Nobody can give a clear explanation. Everybody leaves more confused than before.

Every "Does anyone have a question?" just fueled the confusion to the point where nobody wanted to answer that question honestly anymore

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    I can tell you a story of a feature that got developed amidst such confusion by me (at the time a junior) and an intern some years back. First, of course, there should’ve been a more experienced dev involved. Second, clearer specs would’ve helped.

    Well, we got the feature done, and thought we’d made a fucking diamond since it worked flawlessly despite the lack of clear specs. Of course it worked for every use case we could come up with…

    The first client to pilot that specific feature was acquired last month. Guess what I’ve been doing all my working hours since? Yup, fixing that damn thing, cause it isn’t actually that usable for a real-world usage scenario. The lesson learned: no feature will be done without clear specs anymore.
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