Meeting with client.

Me: our solution does not require a central server, any computer (windows, Mac or Linux) on which you install our software can act both as a client and a server

Client: no we need to have all our data on our server

Me: sure, you can install our software on any computer

Client: no, we need it on our server

Me: ok then, we can make the needed changes to install our software on your server, it will cost an additional fee though

Client: very good then

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    Just to be sure I understand you correctly, you are ripping the customer off because it already can run on their server?

    Good job, I like it.
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    @Codex404 Sometimes exploting stupidity is needed
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    @Codex404 prebuilt images vs custom installation - it's legit
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    Coild it be legal reasons? One of our clients cannot use other servers but theirs due to legal reasons
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    @netikras Even so, the client did not understand that any pc (so also their in-house stuff) could be turned into a server
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    @alexbrooklyn but if they already have a server can it be installed on that? I can imagine not all apps work on a random NAS where access to the underlying OS is not possible.
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    @Codex404 Ah I see, my mistake
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    @Codex404 I should add this part:
    Me: what server can you provide?

    Client: anything you want, windows or Linux, we prefer Linux, with custom memory, CPU and storage
    [my guess is a VM]
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    @josap can you deliver a MacOS server?
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    "any computer" and "server". So he/she thinks servers are not computers?
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    Welcome to DevRant!
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    @hack tbh I understand their confusion. Any computer is basically impossible.

    Does it run on:
    Smart fridge
    Super nintendo

    They are all computers but I doubt that it will run on all of them.
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    Is it some kind of blockchain? If any server can hold „all our data”, then everything is public, right?
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    Why is it that I don’t learn those software Dev skills? I’m gonna start putting that in my client offers as a nice header: you can have your data in your own server and no worries our software offers all necessary tools to fulfill your neeeds all in your server. At an additional fee.
    Wow...now I feel much better, let’s go dancing!
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    @Codex404 oh smart fridges are the next big thing for “our company” but still needs to be in our own server ok?!! Lol
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    negotiation skill = 100
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    Phone ✓
    PlayStation ✓
    Smart fridge ✓
    SNES would need a network adapter tho.
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