to anyone who says girls can’t code because they have no skill and therefore shouldn’t be in a high position because they have no dick,

I’ll show you how I code with my girl skills, I’ll fire you with my girl position, and I’ll fuck you with my girl dick.

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    That’s so beautiful 🥲
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    Sorry miss I only asked what you would like in your sandwich.
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    I also have imaginary enemies. Bastards.
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    Strap on?
    Bunch of noncense...
    Woman are better at the office (in general).
    Are better at multi tasking.
    It's logical that girls are also better programmers...
    Just don't make a team of just girls :p
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    Seriously, I always thought that girls can code like men's there is no difference b/w them but your rant shows your insecurity and indicates to me that we are enemy and men's are much better than girls in coding, Thanks:D
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    Yay, virtue signaling
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    Ok after reading those words, something triggered and stack overflowing my imagination...why why I can't stop it..
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    @12bitfloat virtues: ✅signaled

    Time to log off Twitter, my good deed is done for the day (*tips fedora*)
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