I created some test entities specifically for our staging site. Written in all capitalized letters in the BIG TITLE of the entity I included DO NOT DELETE. This is very clearly visible in the CMS. What's the first thing the content managers do?

You guessed it.

I guess if plain English doesn't work, I'll have to use Kindergarten rules and put a custom lock on them so they can never be deleted.

Muad'Dib fullstackchris can already predict the future, in a few weeks: "hey!!!! fullstackchris, I can't delete these test entities!!!!! whats wrong with the system?!?!"


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    I felt this on a personal level it's so annoying
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    @dontbesotoxic haha I hear you. It's like, I don't ask you to program, I just ask you to read the fucking title. It's basically disrespectful and saying "my work is more important than yours". They didn't even replace the entities in general. Staging is just empty now.
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    @fullstackchris you expect them to read?

    Hope is good :)
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    @fullstackchris woah what the harmful pricks. Their habit of casually deleting any form of potential intel must be a red flag!
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