I used to do some freelancing and one of the main clients I worked with had a project they hired me for that used Drupal. I fucking hated it. I thought it was bloated (and slow as fuck), unnecessarily complex, and just all around a horror to work with.

Even though that was many years ago, from other devs I've met, it seems like Drupal never really got much better. One devops guy who worked at the previous company I was at told me about some benchmarks he had done on Drupal in his previous work. The performance results he got were an absolute joke - awful concurrent performance and just a brutally slow CMS.

Needless to say, since that freelance project, I've never used Drupal again and never will.

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    Which PHP based CMS would you recommend?
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    @LMtx I am using Coaster CMS and it's quite good for medium sized sites, and has some nice features. For small sites a Grav is really good, flat file database is great!
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    Yup, but like WordPress, it's sadly widely used.
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    @lotd I "like" WordPress by it's popularity. Everybody knows how to use it.
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    The previous Magento was much the same...
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    @Atlas *wheeze*..

    What exactly do you enjoy in typo3 xD
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    Wow, a rant from dfox. Nice!
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    @tisaconundrum dfox should rant about us! Hahahaha
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    @LMtx I use Kirby, it's a flat file CMS, which means there's no databases.
    Simple, yet powerful CMS, and the community is great
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    @Letmecode lol! Have to get that image out of my head

    @LMtx I think the suggestions from other people here would be more educated than mine at this point. I haven't used a pre-made CMS in a while.

    I'll probably check some of these out though, I became skeptical after Drupal but I'm sure there's better ones.
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    @lotd I "enjoy" nothing - but at least it's more capable, user-friendly and performant than wordpress, drupal and joomla.
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    @dfox I used to write custom CMS'es a long time ago. I consider starting a new www but do not want (have time) to write backend - that is why I'm interested in good PHP based CMS.
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    @LMtx Yes, we all really should consider a new Web World War. It's time to burn everything down and start from scratch.
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    @dfox I totally recommend checking out Kirby. It's €39 for a "license", it's more a goodwill license, since it's not checked up against anything.

    Easy, small, but super flexible.
    I made a school intranet with it, where students could upload coursework, find homework, etc.
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    Never a actually used it for a project, but I'd say that Drupal 8 is a completely new platform
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    Hey now look where we’re at. Drupal 8 never got better. It’s modules never crossed. It’s a failure of a cms
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