Stands up are waste of time.

Yes, comedy and meetings, both.

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    I disagree, with both
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    Your life is a waste of time
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    I find stand up comedy hilarious.

    And plenty times I have been sync'd or have sync'd someone on daily stand up that I didn't anticipate. I find it useful
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    It’s possible that you’re having too many stand ups, which then make them feel like a waste of time. I like the stand up meetings, but they can get to be overkill at a certain point.
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    waste of time is waste of time
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    Depends a lot on the comedy or meeting.
    But i would definitely evaluate the comedy first...
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    At work, we have five devs on the “apps” team. Our daily meetings have those five devs, the apps manager, two scrum masters, four QA people who always get deference, a technical writer who talks maybe once a month, a security person who doesn’t talk, 1-2 product managers, and someone who never says a word. They’re also open to whomever wants to join. The meetings are usually 16+ people.

    For meetings, we have…
    30min planning session once a week.
    30min stand ups four times a week.
    45+min retro once every other week.

    It’s such a waste of time. The planning session and one standup a week would be much more effective. And it would be nice if we devs could just take five minutes and mention any blockers or shared projects, and get back to work. But no, it’s all about releases and merchants and QA and what tickets go in what releases and why and what merchants might want several releases from now, and ofc the endlessly repeated low-effort humor. We don’t care. Let us do some actual work while you all yammer and throw words around at one another and pretend to be useful.

    Fucking useless middle-management bureaucracy.
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    It’s really the people in the meetings who are responsible for that, not the concept of the meeting itself. They’re free to not waste the time.

    @vane exactly.
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