My graduation project partner was strange person

Favorite IDE is VIM

Forget how to use git

But somehow she could code most of the app

I asked what does she do when mistake happens, she answered "delete and write again"

I suggest github but she is "to embarrassed to show her code on internet"

She send .zip file of her code to me

Go to univ library to copy some code because she don't believe random code on internet

Of course verson of code on book in library is too old, but she prefer fix herself

But she is overall good person, so I can graduate next month

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    Interesting story! 😄
    Well, technically she could try to use Git without a remote repository and use some Git GUI for a simpler start in using Git.
    Even just a local repo is a great help to track changes and revert.
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    And there's me, preserved my first C code for school in GITHUB ARCTIC VAULT
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    @AleCx04 👊👊👊👊
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    I didn't think zoomers were into vim
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    @jespersh I wasn't too.
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    She seems cool.
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    @rantsauce RMS level cool.
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    I hope she got her vim setup correctly at least ?
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    Deletes and writes again, is humble about the quality of her code, prefers actual resources over random posts from the Internet, she sounds like a better developer than many I worked with over the years.
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    @rantsauce I got to spend an afternoon with RMS once at some FOSS event, must have been almost 20 years ago. There are many adjectives I could use to describe this experience, "cool" is not one of them.
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    @KaosKermit It's subjective right? How would you describe him though? or how was the experience?
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    @rantsauce Of course it's subjective. I'd describe it as interesting (he's an intelligent person with strong beliefs), annoying (he can really get on your nerves with certain things), and at times challenging (mannerisms and behaviors that fall outside a neurotypical range). In all fairness, that also applies to a significant number of people you meet at meetups and conferences and probably also myself depending on who you ask :-)
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    positive thinking
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