I hate 1&1. Shit hosting, shit service, shit everything.

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    Not sure if I should increment because I agree or to decrement because I don't like them either 🤔
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    @TheSamsa "Yes."

    Anyway, can't you migrate everything elsewhere?
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    @Jilano I'm on it
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    Interesting, we are currently considering buying a 1&1 1gb/s business connection because they are the cheapest by a longshot. (600€/month compared to 3000€/month by Vodafone)
    @LetMeCode @H4u60r3 what were your problems in particular?
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    @vringar cheap isn't always good ;)
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    @ScribeOfGoD true but for 100k saved over 3 years I'm willing to bear some shit. :)
    But if there are some serious service problems, not hosting or service or anything but connectivity problems, then they are out.
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    Their customer service... I tried to cancel. Went through the whole process then they attempted to take payments out for the next contract cycle. They sent out a debt collector letter of which I forwarded a copy back to the customer service rep who "cancelled" my plan. Which ended up with it being forwarded to their manager who finally cancelled the plan and refunded a month.

    Fuck 1&1 and their shitty service. I've moved to OVH and had no issues since.
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    I got 1 domain with them and just redirect to my nameservers, I do not think they can screw me over.. or can they?
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    Their mail.com domain isn't that bad...for personal use at least
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    Hover all the way!
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