Alright, it looks like everyone at this bank, a client, I work for will now start avoiding me. I'm usually the only person that takes the time to review PRs and give a feedback. Everyone just seem to click accept because they can't be bothered.

A few months down the line, they begin to wonder why there is so many tech all over the place.

Good luck to anyone that wants me to review their PRs. I pledge to continue to take the time to review PRs and give feedback. I will not be pressured to click the accept button on what I perceive to be sub-optimal code. So help me God.

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    *tech debt
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    @AjDevNull it's The Curse of Burn-Rate.
    The devil's chart. That PoS that haunts every sprint and stimulates faster closing of stories, regardless of code quality.
    So people just accept whatever.
    I usually budget for at least a full "debt servicing" sprint per project, I wish I had two and most often get none. Obs: most of my projects are in the eight to twelve sprints range.
    So by my experience 25-15% of everything is just tech debt interest. I've seen cheaper loan sharks.
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