How are you guys taking care of mental health?

I feel down in dumps. Burnt out from previous job and life seems like a drag.

Any advice appreciated as I feel pretty isolated.

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    Try finding a hobby.

    I collect pornography and paperclips.

    I also bend some of the non-collectable paperclips I find into pornographic images.
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    We are not at the moment. Life is a drag.
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    first, the obvious platitude: hang in there. you're not alone. you'll get through this.

    now the practical advice:

    * get a therapist. it's not a sign of weakness. on the contrary, it takes strength.

    * get a hobby. not something you force yourself to do, but something that directs your mind in a different direction. for me, it's photography.

    * be open about it. don't force it out, but don't keep it bottled up, either. talk about it. get different perspectives on it.
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    @sariel you mean paper porn magazines or just a digital pile of pirated JAVs?
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    What if I don't have any hobbies and not interested in anything?
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    @iiii digital.

    It's far easier to hide from the kiddos, and in the event of my untimely demise I have a deadman switch in place that triggers if I don't check in once a week.

    I know what it's like to accidentally find that stuff after the person is gone, I don't wish that evil on anyone.
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    I drink beer, lots of it, and I also play the bass/guitar as well as hang out with my family. Regardless of what we are told, life does not get easier, we might make more money, but it comes under hard and heavier responsibilities. thus: alcohol. Had weed been legal in my beautiful state I would took up every other day, but since it is not I am stuck with alcohol.
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    @sariel oh, a fellow digital porn hoarder
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    @AleCx04 what about LSD? 🤔
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    @AleCx04 I am trying to cut alcohol. Never used weed tbh
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    @sariel my interest in porn has also waned recently :( I can rub a quick one out to sleep but idk why not super into it anymore
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    A solid friendship/relationship is good, one where you both make each other excell and feel better over time, then eventually all the noise in your head is gone. Finding the root cause can be useful because if you find a way to deal with it, then you are free.

    (Re)discovering your passions is also very good, just try to see what you enjoy. and as the others pointed out, there is no shame in seeing a therapist
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    I'm not...
    Shrink retired when covid hit.
    Smoke weed just to be able to sleep and not go crazy.
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    BTW, just a tip... Weed cuts off suicidal tendencies.
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    @iiii find something. Otherwise, why be alive?
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    @kaheidt because already alive
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    Music and other entertainment.
    Alcohol or something, as long as it’s not a crutch.
    Tell your boss off.
    Quit your job.
    Never return.
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    @rEaL-jAsE ask your school friends...
    Now days thers so many people smoking...
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    @rEaL-jAsE and if you still can't get weed, you haven't learned anything.
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